POJOs on the Web!

Tired of heavyweight, unproductive and boring web development in Java ?
Woko is a Full-Stack, Domain Driven Framework that aims to put your POJOs on the Web.


Pluggable Object persistence and full text search services for your POJOs. No more DAO plumbing, all you need to worry about is your Domain Objects.

Out of the box support for Hibernate (Object mapping) Compass (full-text search).

Users & Roles

First-class support for roles and users. Authentication, user management, GUI profiling, Woko makes it easy and meaningful.

Out of the box support for container and app-based authentication, completely pluggable.

Object Renderer

Woko uses a unique, dynamic approach for allowing your users to manipulate Domain Objects and perform all usual CRUD operations by default.

It does most of the work for you, and lets you customize everything at will whenever you need it.


Automatic, zero-code JSON/HTTP services for your application, and a JavaScript API for accessing your Domain Objects and back-end, right in the page.

Again, fully flexible so that you can customize the RPC behavior for the various users and Objects in your app.