Woko: POJOs on the Web!

Woko is a Full-Stack, Domain-Driven framework for the Java platform.

It is designed around a few basic principles that allow to code better webapps, faster :

  • Domain and Role Driven : Woko works with Objects, and aims at allowing your users to work with them too.
  • Use metadata : Woko tries to grab the most it can from your code, so that it can provide many features out of the box.
  • Sensible defaults : Works out of the box, without config or extension, but allows to customize everything when you need it.
  • KISS : Woko is simple, that's why it works.


Object persistence and full text search services for your POJOs. No more DAO plumbing, all you need to worry about is your Domain Objects. Direct support for Hibernate and Compass.

Users & Roles

First-class support for roles and users. Authentication, user management, GUI profiling... Woko makes it easy, and most importantly, makes it meaningful !

Object Renderer

Woko uses a unique, dynamic and powerful approach for automagically rendering your POJOs. It can render any object by default (read or write), and lets you customize anything at will.


Automatic, zero-code JSON/HTTP services for your POJOs. Woko has endpoints for accessing your POJOs in a RPC fashion. It even has a JavaScript API that eases AJAX stuff.